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I'm Kelsey Craig, a wife, a mother of two, and a photographer here in Texas. I have spent a majority of my childhood in Houston, TX so I feel like I can consider this my "home" state.

If you're anything like me, you're always worried about forgetting the little details in life. Soon, my babies won't be waking me up at night, or won't be crawling into my lap after a hard day. I may have just tied my daughter's shoe for the last time and I don't even know it yet. Document these details to remember forever!

a Frisco, TX based
Family photographer!

Kelsey Craig

“When I say I’d like to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them.”

-Annie Leibovitz


my favorite

My Husband, Kyle...

My Daughter, Charlie...

My Son, Sawyer





Fun Facts

I am OBSESSED with obstacle course racing (or OCR as we in the biz call it). I found Hyrox when I was trying to find a goal to get in shape for and I keep on signing up over and over! I am really passionate about fitness and being the best version of myself I can be for my kiddos. Now they love to show me their muscles

Hyrox Obsessed


Some gals love a handbag, this girl loves her tech! I used to work at the Apple Store and have been a loyal (too loyal) customer ever since. I enjoy pulling out my GoPro in the summers and creating videos of our vacations and adventures! I also can spend a fortune at a camera store, obviously! I'm constantly keeping up with the latest and greatest equipment.

I'm a Tech Nerd


After having worked in the film/tv industry, I am absolutely obsessed with all things movies and tv. If Netflix gave a badge to the world's best bingers, I'd be a front-runner! I am a storyteller and I love to see how others tell their stories to pull inspiration from that. Let me know if there's a movie that you adore if you're interested in a film-inspired shoot!

Film/TV Buff


Listen, I eat enough stuff that is terrible for me. The universe gifted me with the dislike of chocolate to keep me from needing a forklift to get around. Taco Bell employees might be the first people to call in for a missing person if they haven't seen me in a few days.
Another fun fact: My husband and I had Taco Bell at our wedding! AFTER the real meal, of course. #fourthmeal

I Don't Like Chocolate