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Your family's photographs deserve to be displayed, drooled over, and preserved through the years. Whether you're looking for an album for your coffee table to flip through and smile, or high-quality, fade-proof prints for your gallery wall, I believe your memories are meant to be printed and not kept away on a USB that will get lost in the hustle and bustle of life.

Today's little Moments Become Tomorrow's Precious Memories


“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”

– David Alan Harvey

"We had an amazing photoshoot with Kelsey as she captured my second pregnancy. Unfortunately the Texas weather wasn’t cooperating with us and we had to reschedule. Kelsey was extremely flexible with us and worked to find the perfect weather day and time. She ventured out a location in Grapevine that made you really question if we were still in Texas. Her patience with our toddler was what put the entire experience over the top. Somehow she got her to smile and look at the camera. Can’t wait for Kelsey to continue capturing all of our milestones."

As a lifestyle photographer, my focus is to capture you and your family in the most authentic way. I will guide you and your littles to run, jump, tickle, and hug to capture the most emotive and real connection. 

I'm with you every step of the way, from first contact to photo delivery, and you'll quickly see that there's no reason to be anything but yourself around me. I'm my own brand of weird, and I can't wait to meet yours!

No Such Thing as 'Awkward'

Investment Options

To reserve your date, I require a $150 deposit to reserve your date and will be applied to the total pricing below.


This package includes:
A basic half hour session
10 edited images in an online gallery


This package is only available on weeknights and at an outdoor location of my choice


This package includes:
A 1 hour session
Online gallery of 25 images with the option to purchase more!


The Deluxe

This package includes:
1-2 Hour session
All of the high-resolution edited images delivered in an online gallery


YES! I have a list of studios nearby available to rent for sessions that I love to use!

Do you offer studio photos?

It depends on the season but RARELY longer than 14 days.

How long do you take to deliver the photos?

I'm a Canon gal because my grandfather was a photographer and used Canon. I could use a lot of his lenses while I was learning, then I never switched! I have a Canon EOS R and a 6D with L series lenses.

What gear do you use?

My mini and basic packages are for a family of 5, and it is $25 more per person. The deluxe package can include as many people as you want as long as the shoot doesn't exceed 2 hours.

we want to include extended family in our session, does this cost more?

Here's an answer for you, yes and no! For my mini packages of 10 images, I will pick the 10 for you. My middle package of 25 photos, I will give you the OPTION! I  know some of you really want to see what else was out there, and others don't want to have to decide. If you prefer to just get your 25 images and not think any more about it, I'll make that happen too! Your call!

If i purchase a limited amount of photos, Do I get to pick which ones?

From first inquiry until your photos are delivered, I will show you why my experience is the most transparent and painless

What To Expect

Preserve These Moments

We know your kids will have thousands of blurry iPhone photos of them at their recitals or even just eating dinner. (I mean seriously... why are we so compelled to take photos of our babies eating food!?)

But where are YOU, Mom? You can't capture that loving gaze of your baby staring into your eyes if you're taking a selfie. Don't let these moments go undocumented.

What will Your Family have to remember this time?

I'm Ready!