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As I sat at a local restaurant with my husband and two young children, a lady approached me and looked me straight in my eyes. She said “Don't blink. These are the best days of your life”. I looked at my little ones and knew she was absolutely right. They grow so fast and I don’t want to miss a second!

Because you cannot afford not to

Your Family Session

I believe the best kind of art in your home is portraits of you and your people

Not only are they gorgeous and personal, but they're reminders of your 'why'. You know how your wedding album brings back all those butterflies from your special day? Your family portraits are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, even when your kids won't eat their dinner (so... daily?)

Let your children point out mommy's beautiful dress, reminisce on that fun day at the park, or remember how sweet their Nana was.

Family portraits aren't just for you, mama. It's for the kids, too. 

"We look forward to our Kelsey Clicks family photos every year. She has a way of making your family feel comfortable even when family photos can be stressful. She is great with kids and always seems to capture precious moments through the chaos."

Family Experience

tell me about the


You're so busy and finding time to organize a photo session is daunting, so let me take over. I have a styling service set up so we can get the whole family amazing outfits without looking cheesy or matchy-matchy (you're welcome). I have all the bribery needed to help the little ones stay focused, and I work fast. I can get the shots I need before your husband even has time to realize he's hangry!

Take a deep breath, I got this


They don't call me that for nothin! I have the mind of a toddler and I love all their feelings, big or small! They're explorers, they're excited, and they absolutely do not want to sit still and smile. THAT'S OKAY! Let them play! I'll get in there to document the details! This won't feel like a photo shoot to them!

They Call ME The Toddler Tamer


I've been shooting around Texas almost my entire life, so believe me when I tell you I've got a spot for that! Aside from snow-top mountains, Texas has it all! And don't worry about the weather. There are plenty of gorgeous indoor studios to choose from as well. Let's get on the phone and talk about the style of shoot you're dreaming of, and I can tell you exactly where we should go!

I Know  A Place

Make Memories Together

Don't think of this as a family photo session... It's an adventure! You guys are going to do exactly what you'd do even if I wasn't there, and I will capture the beautiful moments in between! 

Want to get in the frame?

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